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We have so far custom-design 1400 kukris and knives for various customers. We have 100% satisfactory record. Now its YOUR TURN. Make your DREAM knife thru us >>
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Thank you for your attention and I am very pleased with the quality of your products..

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GI4 (Gurkha Issue 4th)


US$ 94.99  Enlarge

GI2 (Gurkha Issue 2nd)


US$ 87.99  Enlarge

GI3 (Gurkha Issue 3rd)


US$ 99.99  Enlarge

Khaki Issue (20th Century)


US$ 72.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

Dear Gyan,

The Bahadur arrived safely today, thank you so much for all your cooperations, and by far this is one of the finest work of a blade that I've received from your company.

Once again thank you for such a marverlous blade.

Jee Choi

Dear Gyan,

Received order today.  Thank you so very much, everything was beautifully made.  I am very, very pleased with everything.  I will be contacting you very soon to place another order; I would like to give one of your kukris to several of my friends!!

Very best wishes to everyone there!  Thank you again...

Sincerely yours,
Mark Frost

Hello > I recieved my Chiri knife with horn handle.
> I would just like to say how pleased I am with it, once again you have made
> a wonderfull knife for me. I can see that it will give many years of loyal
> service as have done the khukri's I have bought from you.
> One question though how can I keeep the horn handle in the best condition, I
> have used oil in the past on a horn khukri handle, I would apreciate it if
> you could recomend what I should use.
> Namastie
> David

I have just received my order of four knives, the Regular Service Issue

#1, The Nepal Police Issue, the mini-jungle, and the Biltong. Please disregard my earlier messages regarding the delay. It was not your fault. The building mail staff lost the package for several weeks and only found it yesterday.

I could not be more happy with my knives. The craftmanship is perfect. My compliments to your smiths for their excellent work. They are not only very functional but they are works of art. "Form follows function."
Again thank you for the knives, and good wishes.

Raul Reyes, SF, Calif, USA

Dear Saroj Lama and Pukar,

On Monday I have received the Jungle Panawal and the 5 Biltong in perfect condition. Again I am very pleased with the quality of the knifes and your service.

I also was asked by my brother and my friend to forward their thanks for the perfect made Panawal Special they own now.

And, not to forget the best, the chakmak that came with the Jungle Panawal can beat fire.

I will definitely continue to recommend your products and service as I already do.

Many thanks for all your effort,
Herbert Haas, Austria..

Dear Sir,
I just received my order today and all is well and in good order. It is one beautifull piece of work. One of the finest I have ever seen.I will strongly recommend your site to fellow collectors. As a collector of military knives and bayonets I have seen a lot of goods but never as fine as this one. Therefore  I pay my deepest respect to the craftsmen who made it.

Thank you and Namaste.

Dirk Van Der Meiren

Branko Doleček
Dear Saroj,
knives came last week, they are perfect( as you can see on the pictures). Alsomy wall stand came in the same time. I have two stands , one for sheats, onefor knives, my  design. Pictures are in the enclosure.I´m sure  you will get another order from me in some 2-3 months.

Many regards to you and the whole KH staff

Branko Doleček

Claudio Anastasio, Italy
Hi KH,
I've spent a lot of time on the internet for looking where to buy a good khukuri and at the endI decided for you because: I liked "3 Chirra"
I liked what people wrote on the testimonial page! I received my "3 Chirra" after 4 day you sent it."Beast" is the right nickname for this type of khukuri!!!The blade is incredible and the handle too!

I'm satisfacted because:

1- You answered me early after I've paid for my khukuri ( I think is
important for online shops! )
2- You sent me an email with the delivery code for to know where was my
3- The khukuri is arrived to my house in a good pack
4- The khukuri is perfect i can't stop to look it!
Good craftmanship!!!

I want to make a compliment for your website ( I prefer ), it's been a good place to looking for my khukuri!

(for italian people)

Se cercate un khukuri veramente ben fatto da artigiani nepalesi, Khukuri House è il posto che fa per voi!Lavorano davvero bene e non solo artigianalmente ma anche per la gestione degli ordini. Il khukuri che ho ricevuto, il 3 Chirra è veramente ben fatto nonstante la complessità del modello!Sono veramente soddisfatto!

Best Regards
Claudio Anastasio, Italy

Joe Rhodes, USA
Saroj.....I gave the knife to my son-in-law for a Christmas gift.  These are some photos of him cutting wood. He was thrilled with the knife. Hope all is well with you and family.

Joe Rhodes

Dear Saroj Lama,

Firstly may I apologise for the delay in responding to you concerning my order.

My KH MAX arrived in immaculate condition and wrapped with astonishingly great care.  I have put my beautiful knife to work almost immediately and she has blown me away with her handlings.  She has made short work of everything I have used her against, Inc 10 inch diameter dead wooded pine trees down to shaving a few millimetres off of my bedroom door!She has proved herself most valuable and has attracted a lot of attention amongst some of my colleagues I hunt and camp with.Her edge retention is second to none and despite the chakmak being so small, I have found this to be the best sharpener for the khukri bringing back a razor sharp edge to her in no time.
I have used numerous types of knives and I can say this one has really captivated me and holds a very special place in my collection especially due to seeing on your website how you made her by hand and knowing that this skill and tradition of making the True khukri has been around for what I believe to be thousands of years.

With this said, I did want to ask if there was any way of having the blade treated to prevent rusting as carrying a can of WD40 spray on a hike is a little of a pain.  Don’t get me wrong this is a small dilemma and will not change how I feel about this truly remarkably made quality knife.I will certainly hold my khukri close in all I do.

Many kind and grateful regards

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