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I purchased the "khukuri machete all rounder" three years ago and it has become one of my most treasured ..............

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Kydex-wal (Water-Proof)
Xtrema Militia (Combatant)


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Chukuri PRO @ KYDEX


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KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof)


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Forestman (SLEEK)


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:: Testimonials ::

Gentlemen and ladies,

A few days ago I received the BhojPure Dragon Khukuri.sent by your
company. Without a doubt, this is the most handsome knife I have ever seen.

I have had the opportunity to handle many types and styles of
knifes, and have made a few myself, but the BhojPure Dragon is hands down the most attractive I have had the pleasure to handle.

I also wanted to thank you for the inclusion in my order the small brass bladed knife.  My wife has already claimed it as her own.

 And from my country, a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas to one and all.

John Barber
Coos Bay, OR 

Hello again!!

I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU the knife arrived on Christmas Eve... perfect.

One question from my husand ( who now is the very proud owner ) What are the two small knives traditionally used for?
Thanks again, and a Happy New Year


Dear Malina,

     I am very pleased with the two Khukuris which I received from Khukuri House.

I am very impressed with the excellent craftmanship wich went into the making of the Khukuris, the Rosewood handles were perfect, and so was the engraving on the 15" X Special(Vengeance).

I can also testify to there sharpness at first hand or should I say at first finger as I managed to cut myself when cleaning off the protective oil.

I will be more careful in future. May I say once again thank you to all at Khukuri House for their excellent product and workmanship.

Best Wishes To All,
And Happy New Year.
Peter Simcox.

I received my very first khukuri this  Christmas - an 8" red Kothimora and a wood stand. It's absolutely beautiful! I looked up your website from the brochure that came with it.

I've wanted a khukuri since I was a child and now I have one. However, this knife is so beautiful that I cannot use it outdoors, so I'm ordering two others (Jungle and Alive) to take hiking.

Thanks for making such beautiful khukuris!

Jim Pullen

Dear Malina and KH Staff,

The package arrived on the 2nd of January, still in time (barely, but in
time). First of all, I'd like to thank you for the excellent service you
provided. The gift has been very, very, very much appreciated.

Secondly, let me congratulate with you and all of your staff, and expecially with
your craftsmen, for the marvellous pieces they make. They are really
good smiths, and knowing how simple are the machinery and technology you use to craft them, they are even more impressively good artisans and, in a way, artists.

Thank you and congratulations again, and Namaste
Damiano Romita

Customer Service/KH Nepal,

Let me say that I custom designed my own kukri because it is intended to be used as a working tool and in that respect I am very happy.  The day that I received the kukri I went out to the wood pile for some "product testing" and it performed perfectly.

 The heavier blade and handle design are exactly what I had envisioned and the knife made quick work of splitting the chord wood with little effort.

Customer service at KH Nepal was top notch with excellent communications-- so overall I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to future transactions with Khukri House custom knife shop.

Keep up the fine work,
Charles Snelling
Golden Valley, Arizona, USA

Dear friends of Khukuri House,

I have just received the Kukris BhojPure and Khasi Maara (01-09-2008) and they are incredible, an awesome quality, and the communication with the team of Khukuri House to been exquisite, thanks for the articles, I hope to buy soon more of your articles.

Namaste, respectfully...
Amador, Madrid (Spain)  

Dear friends from KH ,

I received my special McCoy yesterday !
first test early this morning for heavy gardening's amazing !!  easy to work with , easy to handle , very efficient and lot of pleasure to use !!
thank you very much .
The McCoy is my first Kukri won't be the last !!

Long life for the khukuri house !!!


Dear Sir/ Madam:

today I got my khukuri, it is really nice, I like it very much, I appreciate your services, and I will tell all my friends about your website. thanks again.

your turely, 
Fan Yang

Dear Gyan,
I received my Khukri finally on Thursday. I am impressed with the size of it,

Thank you Namaste
-- ------
Gerard De Cotta
104 Forest Lakes Drive
Thornlie WA 6108

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