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The quality of the Khukuris was great and these arrived in great shape..

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Salyani (Immortal)


US$ 99.99  Enlarge

Jung Bahadur (The Ruler)


US$ 129.99  Enlarge

AITIHASIK (Gorkhali Sainik)


US$ 94.99  Enlarge

Ganjuwal SWISS (Multi)


US$ 89.99  Enlarge

Parshuram SPL (Classic)


US$ 84.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

I have just received my order of 2 Nepal Army Khukuri's. Very pleased. Quick,efficient service and outstanding workmanship. I shall be making another order in the near future.

Many thanks.
Patrick Gaffney

Dear Malina,
I received my order today.  Thank you very much for the speedy delivery as you promised.  I am very pleased.  The kukhuri is absolutely wonderful!  Thank you for making such a quality product.  I will definitely order again!
Thank you,
Brad Smith

Dear Malina.
Iraqi Freedom has arrived, many, many thanks for all your help getting this excellent Kukri to me. I am very pleased.
I am sorry but I was completely unaware that Nepal was suffering from strikes and political problems which seriously affected the delivery of your orders.
I wanted to place a new order shortly, but would you advise me to wait until the situation improves.

I look forward to hearing from you.
My warmest regards.

Dear Malina
Thankyou for my last order. I am pleased with the craftmens ship, and I have used the Chakmak many times with my firesteel to get my fire going in the evening. The "Alive" certainly seems to be a good work horse of a knife.
Many thanks for your time and consideration, your skills are appreciated!!!


Dear sir,

Just recieved biltong kukri,great work of art!excellent quality,just what i needed. Thanks for a speedy service. Looking forward to receiving special chakmak ,kurda and suk knives i have ordered from you.

Thanks again


Good morning,

With all the beautiful object and really done well
Thanks for beautiful jungle himself.
I just do a picture with objects and send
My comment is certainly positive about you
After you use the photo and my approval to put on the site and use it on your behalf.
All those who have seen kukry have made very positive comments.
At the next purchase,
Maybe done them in Katmandu Nepal
Many thanks again,
I hope your country will revert quiet and there are political or religious issues,
  In the name of your millennial history

Many Greetings
Furlan Pierpaolo

Dear Malina,

Mine compliments to manufacturer of the Panawal Power UNP. It works excellent to prune the apple tree, better than an axe. Although i have small hands myself, the Panawal Power UNP, it lays nice in hand.
No thanks for the link by the way.


Erik Steketee
(The Netherlands)

Hi Malina,

Namaste to all there at KH.

Today, I received the most wonderful shipment.  A box from Nepal with 6-Khukuri Knives of the most wonderful craftsmanship and beauty.  What a  bunch to get.  These knives may be habit forming...the more one has, the more one wants.

Please give my special Namaste to Mr. Mali for the wonderful rack.  Looks better than I could have ever imagined and very well made.  Please let him know it was received in Oregon in perfect shape.  Wonderful and  perfect rack.  I do believe that this style of rack could be a very prosperous item for KH to sell in multiple configurations...rack for 5 knives rack for 6 knives, etc.

Also, a special Namaste to Mr. Dangol for his special touch with engraving.  Very well done.

Malina, my special thanks to you  for keeping me up to date with this  whole order.  You will again hear from me soon.

Namaste my friend and many, many thanks,
A very, very, very satisfied customer,
John Barber
Coos Bay

Hello KH,

I just received my khukuris (order # 5526) and I absolutely love them. They are definitely pieces of art that have now become family heirlooms. Please pass on my thanks and admiration to your fine craftsmen who make these beautiful knives. They have a tremendous amount of talent and skill and it shows in their finished product. I am definitely recommending your shop/products and will pass out the business cards and product flyers you sent me to my friends and family. Once again, thank you very much and you will most certainly be getting return business from me when I wish to add to my collection, or maybe someday my life-long dream of visiting Nepal will come true and I will have the honor of visiting your shop in person.

Steve Reisinger

Thank you for looking into that Malina.  I just received the khukuri today, and it is truly a work of art.

Thank you,

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