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We have so far custom-design 1400 kukris and knives for various customers. We have 100% satisfactory record. Now its YOUR TURN. Make your DREAM knife thru us >>
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Only to let you know that I received the items and they arrived fine, very impressive knifes, thanks......

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Gurkha Jungle (Gurkha Contingent, SPF)


US$ 52.99  Enlarge

2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Knives)


US$ 139.99  Enlarge

Service No.1 (British Gurkhas Ceremonial)


US$ 59.99  Enlarge

Gurkha Ceremonial (Gurkha Contingent, SPF)


US$ 58.99  Enlarge

2012 Standard Issue (Gurkha Knives)


US$ 109.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

Thank You . I received my order yesterday . I am very Happy about it . It has a great feel to it and I can't wait to use it on holiday this summer .

Thanks again and Namaste

Dear KH,

I Hope you are all well. I recieved my order today and would like to say my thanks to all of you at KH for the fantastic work you have done. I understand how hard it must be to operate a company in your present political climate, and you all must be congratulated on how professional your company is.
With the current situation of ex-Gurkhas not being allowed British citizenship and restricted pensions, I feel I should say that the shameful way my government has acted on this issue is not mirrored by the British people. The whole of the country of Britain has the greatest respect for the people of Nepal and the heroic actions of the Gurkhas, and on behalf of us all I want to thank you all for the bravery and honour that you have shown to the British for over a hundred years.
I am glad that the honourable people of Nepal and the ex-Gurkhas have set up an internationally recognised company such as KH and that you are able to support your history and people dispite the current political situations at home, and the cowardly actions of the British government regarding the treatment of ex-Gurkhas.

Kindest regards,
Greg Lazenby

Dear Sirs,

I have received and examined your product. I am pleased.

Thank you for the excellent Khukuri. I shall be putting it to its intended use very soon.

I hope that your company prospers in the coming years, and that your people find the peace of God.

Your Obed't,

G L W Hardy


Just letting you know that the package finally arrived and the kukris look wonderful. It took a bit longer than I had hoped, but I'm not sure I could expect more considering the mischief during the election as you mentioned.
I already have people interested in purchasing more. 

I just wanted to let you folks at KH, I recieved my 3 Khukuris, plus the free gift! Thank You so much. The quality of these knives are superb and they were very sharpe.
Will do Business with KH again for sure!
Thanks Again,
Frank Ogle

Thankyou very much to all involved in the making, packing and sending of the beautiful knife that was delivered to me this morning. I know Thamel very well and hope you will pass on my thanks and best wishes to all at Khukuri House.

Yours Faithfully,
Lesley Swain.

Hello Malina,

I had a nice surprise today. The Khukuris arrived today. Thank you. These arrived in great shape, with no address problems.
Anyway, the quality of the Khukuris was great. This is what I expected on my first order. These were nicely made, nicely polished and nicely finished. I appreciate the effort that was put into these Khukuris. Please thank the makers of these very nice knives for me. They did a great job.
Now, I am going to see if I can get a few of the local stores to stock these and sell them. If I am able to accomplish this, I will need the same quality knives from you as I received today. I will also need to receive the knives in the 12-16 day time frame as we discussed before.I understand that things happen and sometimes the deadline won’t be met. I will just need to be told when that happens. Communication is the important thing.
Again, thank you for the Khukuris and the effort put into making them,I am very happy with these Khukuris,

Take care and stay safe,
Matthew McKOWN

Dear Sirs,

I have received the khukuri.
I want to say thank you very much.
It will be very usefull here in Greenland as a hunting knife.
I have already bought another khukuri for my cousin's son.
I'll buy few more khukuris in the future.

Yours sincerely
Marius Elisasen

Dear Malina,

I just received my Jungle Panawal and I am very very pleased with it. It is beautifully crafted and very well balanced. It is razor-sharp and it wiil slice my bread and cut wood for many a fire when camping out in the mountains all over Europe. I will make a small contrbution to your Kamis Support Fund shortly. Thank you also for a very pleasant contact with your custumercare-department. I will recommend your company to anyone that shows even the slightest interest.

Greetings from Holland,
Tom van Maanen

Dear  sir,

I  receieved  my  Khukri  yesterday. Thank  you  for  your  attention  and  I  am  very  please  with  the  quality  of  your  products.  If  I  were  to  order  more  products  from  you,  is  there  any  discount  offer?  

Thank  you.
KK  Kong

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