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I´m very pleased with the khukuris..

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SUKx (Supporting Utility Knives)


US$ 14.99  Enlarge

Royal 7 Chirra (Sultan)


US$ 199.99  Enlarge

JanmaBhumi “Motherland” (Nepal 2015)


US$ 89.99  Enlarge

3” BladeWear (Body Part)


US$ 29.99  Enlarge

Barun Tri Angkhola kukri (master’s work)


US$ 109.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

Arrived today, Outstanding craftsmanship, I would like to express many thanks to all, for providing such expert craftsmanship, From quality control, to the forgers, right through to final Inspection, to the exceptional leatherwork ALL OUTSTANDING!!!!  Unfortunately  we do not have the quality here, that Khukuri House delivered to my door. I would also like to thank your Customer Service Especially Pratibha for her outstanding customer service experience, and the MD for his Skills and experience.
Also give my Highest Regards
to The Ghurkas and others on staff for their exceptional Dedication to Service and Bravery. Now I will tell you a story my Grandfather told me about Ghurkas in world war one. By grandfather Mr Peter Mount, was cut off and lost from his unit in no mans land during  the battle of Somme he was badly wounded and was reported dead,  my grandmother received a letter from the war office saying so. However unbeknownst to his regiment and the war office he was found by the Ghurkas in no mans land and they, (in his words) took care of me until he was well enough to be transferred because of his injuries back to England, however he was would always tell me stories of their Knives (Khukri and their exploits as told to him by Ghurkas)
So again, Thank you all The Khukri that was forwarded will be placed along with a display of information for my grandchildren in a place of High Honour as to the meaning of the Brave Men behind the Khukuri . Please pass this along to all staff.
Highest Regards
Daniel P Regliszyn


Just received my package. I am very pleased with the quality and design of this knife. Thank you very much.
Eric Spidell

Dear MD at Kukri House
I just wanted to inform you that I received the B-man about a week ago. And it is no less than perfect. The slightly smaller (medium sized) handle is the best grip I could have wanted. It fits my hands like a glove and unlike the 13” Scourge the rivets don’t scratch my hand either but is smooth like silk.
I now know how I want my next (customized) Kukri (much like the b-man but single edged) and will soon send specifications and request to the proper e-mail as found on your web-page. So – thank you a lot for the amazing service and amazing knife!
Toke Nielsen – Denmark
Do you know if your skilled Kamis are familiar with sword-making? I ask since I got a sword from another place that in many ways are perfect for me, only a few things bothers me but that smith don’t do custom work. And so I was thinking of, some day in the future, finding a swordsmith that could make one almost like the one I got only better. Naturally I wanted to ask Kukri House first.

Dear Saroj,
I got the knives today, and I have to say that they are amazing, very high quality products.
Thank you for the excellent knives and the fast and safe sending.
Kind regards,
Lukas Augustin

Hello Sir,
It would be possible that that is the cause of the taxes. There was no other way than to pay.
And i'd like to thank you for the knifes. I received them yesterday.
They were really beautifull! Me and my friends liked them a lot.
So thank you for your beautifull pieces of craftmanship!

Kind regards
Thomas schotte

Dear Mr. Shilpa:

        Today I received the Scourge Khukuri :) I opened the box with
enthusiasm! The Khukuri was Perfect!!! True that the handle needed
painting, But that did not bother me at all as I am an Artist as Mr
Gonzalez will tell you! I painted the  handles and the Knife is a work
of art! Thank You! Thank you for Your Kindness, Your honesty and above
all for your Professionalism!!! You hold the Highest standards and
frankly I was IMPRESSED! The Khukuri House not only Honors its Guarantee
But  though your Khukuri knives are hand made, they are Hand made with
the Precision of a machine!  that kind of crafsmanship  can only be
purchased By the Khukuri House! The House that not only honors its
Knives but also that of the Elite Ghurkas!

Thank you!!!
Sincerely James Sotomayer.

Hello, Saroj - the 16 inch custom khukuri modified hybrid v-series/salyani arrived today - it is truly a beautiful khukuri! Thank you so much! I will treasure it for the rest of my life. The weight, balance, shape, blade geometry, sharpness and look are exactly what i wanted - it is wonderful and is now proudly on display here in New York. Is it possible for your kami to make me another one identical to the first? The only difference is I would like similar markings used on the salyani put on the top of the polished section of the blade just below the spine - this will add a pleasing look to the blade. Everything else would be identical to the first. Do you think this can be done? Let me know and I will send money via paypal as usual. You should make this design one of your production blades  - I think people would like it as it is very different from most khukuris and is more like a weapon than a utility tool for chopping wood - I think it would be  popular :-) I hope you have a great day, my brother _ let me know about the new project - please thank the kami from me for his wonderful work and ask if he can make an identical one again with the salyani markings on the upper blade area on the polished area. Thanks, Saroj

John Danaher

Thank you so much for doing an outstanding job on the kukri I ordered it's beautiful! Your company does such amazing things for it's customers I didn't even expect to get a detailed photography of the blessing of the kukri you all are truly the best there is!  Many thanks and namaste friends!

Josh Thompson

Dear Saroj

HV received my chitlange n reviewed it. The kukri is excellent n workmanship is very good, my compliments for a beautiful kukri, handle is very well done, even n precise, the blade is also properly tempered with great evenness. Both handle n blade r well polished n compliment each other well n as I knew the extra inch for blade length complete the kukri's balance - 13 inches makes balance perfect. As usual the blade grind is very good n jus nice for kukri type blade. Thank u for a very elegant yet strong kukri n I look forward to getting my other orders especially custom bowie with similar high standards of yr company n brand.

Best regards n Godbless.
Mervyn C L Tan

1)    I received my package yesterday and could not be more pleased. The quality and craftsmanship is everything you claim. My thanks to everyone involved in filling my order. This product speaks volumes about the craftsman of Nepal.

The shear weight of the blade is impressive and I\'m sure it will outperform similar products that cost considerably more. This is the type of heirloom a father is proud to pass onto his son.

I\'m looking forward to ordering some additional knives in the not too distant future but I had to write and express my gratitude. You should be proud of your products and the team responsible for manufacturing them.

Randy Cates
Arizona, US

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