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I would also like to thank you all for the successful delivery of my Khukri.  It has arrived and I am very happy with the product.......

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Gurkha Jungle (Gurkha Contingent, SPF)


US$ 52.99  Enlarge

Service No.1 (British Gurkhas Ceremonial)


US$ 59.99  Enlarge

2012 Standard Issue (Gurkha Knives)


US$ 109.99  Enlarge

Service No.2 (British Gurkhas Training)


US$ 54.99  Enlarge

2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Knives)


US$ 139.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

Dear KH-

I got the first blade - WOW - I love it.  Thank you so much - it will be a very special gift.

I will let you know how well received the engraved ones are, maybe we can sell several.

Thanks again-


Hello dear kh-team,
>> I just want to say thank you, my kh-max extreme has arrived yesturday and
>> it was the my first kukri knife i have bought so far. it is the most
>> beautyfull peace of craftsmanship I have ever hold in my hands. I really
>> mus say I am very proud to e a customer of your grat shop, and although it
>> was my first kukri it wll not be the last i have bought from you.
>> with the best wishes and regards from germany. A proud customer.
>> Thanks for this peace f history you keep alive
      Bastian Jobst

I receive my knife yesterday, and... wow ! As we say in french "je suis sur le cul !", approximativly translated "it's amazing" but at 10² power :) I'm very impress by the quality and the "taste" of hardness this blade have... I've imagined the half of the thickness of this blade.
I have no mercy for utility knife like these, but i think it don't need it. I'll do buisness again with you soon, i'll promise.Best regards from

thank you very much. i have recieved my angpana. it has surpased my expectations. i have recommended you to many friends who have been searching for quality products, and will be making a big order very soon.
thanks again

Amun Jawad

Dear Malina,

I have received the shipment and I am absolutely happy with your wonderfull products ! I did not need to pay any customs
or tax, as your shipper did a great job in issuing the right pro-forma.
So all in all, I would like to express my deepest apreciation for the Khukuris and your super professionel service !!!

Vielen Dank,
Thank you !!!

Kindest regards

Hello Khukuri House,

Yesterday i became the exclusive knives from you. Now i got a piece of spirit from Nepal in my presence. The are i good condition and quality. I am sure that i am going to buy more quality products from you. I just want to thank you for a good and professional service from you and i wish all people in Nepal peace and harmony.

Best regards,
Pierre Hartmann

I received your knife 2 days ago and I am absolutely impressed.  The quality of the knife is excellent and to be honest I am pleasantly surprised.  I am a 55 yr old male (ex-Military) and a knife collector.  My father, rest his soul, was a world war II vet in the 10 1st Airborne Division.  I don't remember the exact context of the story but my dad had a great respect for the Kukris and their bravery in battle.  I am proud to own this knife and I hope to be doing bushiness with your company on an on going basis.  Thank you again for such a quality product at a reasonable price.

Kenneth Jobes

dear all at kukri house many thanks for my kukri it is the second kukri from yourselfs and i am very pleased with it, may i wish you all my most warm feelings and hope we all have peace and good times ahead .all the very best of wishes darren if anyone wants to email me regarding the kukris from these wonderful people please do so

Darren Dicks,

Hello I have just received my first parcel, I am very happy to see the great quality of your Kukris, I also thank you for the dvd Gurkhas Très cordially Joel Philippe JMP DISTRICENTER FRANCE

Dear Malina,
I have just received my first order today and I am very pleased with it.  I would like to thank you for all you have done so far and look forward to the arrival of my next order with the Chinese script.  Thanks again

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