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We have so far custom-design 1400 kukris and knives for various customers. We have 100% satisfactory record. Now its YOUR TURN. Make your DREAM knife thru us >>
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Your craftsman really out did themselves.

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Aayo Gurkhali (War Cry)


US$ 72.99  Enlarge

Gurkha VC (Honoring the War Heroes)


US$ 69.99  Enlarge

The Brigade of Gurkhas set


US$ 82.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

Forgive my impatience. I received the kuhukuri today. The craftsmanship is marvelous; the epitome of beauty in function. 

Thank you.


"I completed my order on 5/20/09 and received the AngPana for Jungle with OEFK (Afghanistan) handle via Quickway Cargo/TNT couriers today 6/16/09).  The service provided by you and your staff is outstanding.  The craftsmanship of this khukuri is truly excellent, as is the name and badge engraving on either side of the ricasso. The sheath is equally outstanding in its quality and is a perfect fit for the AngPana, karda and chakmak.
My greatest thanks to you, your staff and craftsmen.  I'm certain my eldest son will be very proud to carry this khukuri on his next deployment.
Very best regards and namaste to all at KHHI,

Ciao Malina !

Yesterday I've received your wonderful piece of art ! Many compliments for your fantastic work, I'm impressed. The handle fits perfect my hand, maybe is a little bit small but not a big problem. I love the design a good mix between traditional and modern, it's exactly what I want.

Thanks again to you, Gyan and all Khukuri House both for the perfect product and customer care. Hope to do business with you soon !

Namaste and saluti dall'Italia,
Francesco C. Cipolletta

Thank you for the update it arrived yesterday, and I'm happy with the Product.

Sincerely Jason Rea,

M.G. Cortese
I ordered a pair of Panawal Specials from The Khukuri House, and was quite pleased when they arrived well-packed in oil.

The first thing one will note about these authentic Nepalese knives is that they are individually crafted and unique: No two will be exactly the same due to the hand working, yet the metal and woodwork are tight and seamless. Picking one up, their most notable feature is their weight. These knives have a definite heft to them, a feeling of potential energy. They feel as if they don't want to be at rest, and would rather be doing some work. From the width and thickness of the blades there is nothing light and cheap about Khukuri House knives. That can't be said for the many mass-produced knock-offs of the Khukuri manufactured by Western knife companies, who can imitate the superficial form of the Khukuri, but not their function.

My next camping and hiking expedition the Panawal is coming with me. My Ka-Bar knife and camp ax go into retirement.

-M.G. Cortese

Dear KHHI:                      
My two knives (Sirupana & Jungle Panawal)  arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
They are beautiful works of art, and strong practical tools as well.

They are everything I hoped they would be.

Please tell everyone involved in the making of the knives that they are truly, artists!!

If I met these wonderful craftspeople, I would bow to them in respect!

You have a fine company that lives up to its claims.

The craftwork is finer and better than the Indian khukuris I have.
The Nepalese quality and craftsmanship is easy to see.

I must also compliment the prompt delivery service by TNT, who did a great job also.

Thank you very much for your great products and fine service.                  Sincerely,
                                    Don  Lockman

I look forward to receiving the knives. This is the second time I have
ordered from you, and I am still very happy with the big khukuri I
received from you a few weeks ago.

Yours very sincerely

Frank Werner


Just a little email to let you know that I have safely received my Khukuri's from you.They are beautifully made and I am very pleased with them. The little 8" jungle knife that came free with my order is a little beauty even though it was free.!The men who make your knives are extremely skilled, please express my thanks to the men who made mine. Tell them I am very proud of my khukuri's.!
 It has been a real pleasure to purchase from such polite,curteous,and helpful people at the Ghurka Khukuri House.

Hope to shop with you again
Many thanksMr P willats

i received my knife and it is better then what i had thought. i have been a customer of yours for a while know and if it is alright with i will continue. your craftmanship  is some of the highest that i have seen. thank you very much and god bless signed  
scott v  taylor

Dear sir/madam,
         I am emailing in regards to order #5409, consignment #466089361.  I have received the items in good condition, and am very pleased with the craftsmanship.  Thank you very much and Namaste,
                         Dan Kacir

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