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Hi Bivek,
Just to let you know I received my knife today.
I am very pleased and want to say thank you very much it is a beautiful....

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:: Testimonials ::

for personals problems I can`t answer the mails for a few days.
don´t worry the knife is now in my hands, is really  a wonderfull piece.
in two or three month make another order
I wish that be all nice and the disorders are solved
I think I make wrong the order because I would like the offer, but dont next time make better.
sorry for my really bad english!!!
Murcia Cubino

I received my Khukuri (the Infantry No.1) one week ago today and couldn't be more pleased with what I received. This knife oozes quality and pride in workmanship and the people that I dealt with through emails were professional and friendly, answering my every question promptly. This Khukuri will be the pride of my knife collection for years to come and will stand up to all of the use I will pile on it while cutting trails and race courses, here in Manitoba, Canada.
I am so impressed with it that I am already planning my next purchase, that will be topped off with a Kothimora Dragon as an example of the fine craftsmanship KHHI to display to all. One of the more impressive things about my dealings with KHHI is that the time from when I got my shipping notice to the time that the package arrived  was less than 4 days, and that included a weekend. That is over 7100 miles as the crow flies.
I have found my Khukuri supplier and I need not look any further for it is KHHI and I suggest that you purchase here as well you will not be sorry.
Thank you and Namaste
to everyone at KHHI
and to Malina for her help
A Faithful customer
George M
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Gentlemen and All at Khukuri House Handicrafts International,

Thank you.  I just plainly do not know what else to say.  I received my order of khukuris today (on time...which will allow me to meet my contractual obligations for delivery tomorrow...even though I inadvertently created a problem which caused their making to be delayed).  Though my order was small (only 3 knives and a few accessories), your professionalism and dedication have helped me tremendously.

The knives, themselves, are simply incredible.  From the obvious quality of the blades to the simple, yet stunningly beautiful buffalo horn handles on two of the knives, to the craftsmanship and beauty of the metal fixtures and of the scabbards as well, these knives are simply incredible.  I called my clients to let them know that their knives had arrived on time and that I would be delivering them tomorrow as promised and my excitement must have showed through because they became so excited they told me they can't wait to see what they purchased and tried everything they could to get me to deliver them this evening (which I couldn't do because of another commitment).

The 3rd knife I received is a custom knife which I ordered for myself and is also very impressive.  As you know, I ordered one like it a few months ago and, though I didn't want to sell it, I couldn't refuse the offer I was made.  I'm going to have to hide this one or it will probably sell, too.  Simply incredible.

Also:  The videos are AMAZING!  And very humbling.  Things are very different here in America than in Nepal and the high degree of skill and artisanship of those who dedicate their lives to the making of these khukris is something that we used to have here (with respect to other crafts) but which we have lost/gave up a very long time ago.  Watching the video of your staff create the knives, handles, fittings and scabbards was awe much so that I called my friends and father over to watch it.  All we could do was shake our heads in disbelief.  We also watched the video you sent which detailed the history of the Gurkhas and Nepal and enjoyed it immensely.  We thank you and ask that you please be sure to give my and my clients thanks to everyone who had any part at all in the making of our knives.

I very much look forward to continuing to do business with your fine company and thank you also for the honor you bestow upon me in the form of your helping me try to get my very small business off the ground.

Sincerely and With Regards,
Chuck Voigt
Charles F. Voigt, Jr.
(614) 286-7740

dear sir/ madam
        thank you for your shipment i received my shipment on time and both of the khukuri were very nice and i am happy  about that .i received my shipment about 4 days ago me not having time to mail sorry for that ..........
and once again thank you .....
best regards
nam gurung

Dear  Malina,
Greetings from France, I have received my Kukri order
I am very happy and satisfied with your performance and by good quality of your products
I shall recommend '''' to my friends
Have you a store and can you give me your address in Nepal, because I have a couple of friends who will go in Nepal in september 2009 for trekking. My friends will wish to visit your store, they are very interested by your products
Long life and prosperity to KHHI

hello Malina,
the package arrived very speedily and I'm very pleased with it.
Thank you r for your efforts.
Hope to do business again.
Kind regards,
Ian Verrijn Stuart

Hi malina,I got my 2 Khukuri's a few days ago and what can I say,they exceeded my expectations,they are better than what I expected and were made exacly the way I descibed,I am very satisfied to say the least.

I would like to thank Malina and Gyanraj for answering all my questions promptly and excellent customer service,the Kami's and everyone at the Khukuri House for producing such beautiful quality products.I will definately be making more future purchases soon



Hello Malina,
I received my Kukri Machete today (5675). I'm very pleased with it - great knife. Thank you so much for your help and assistance.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope to purchase again from KHHI.
Kind regards,

The mailing address that you have on  file is correct. Thank you very much for verifying that.
The first order that I received last week was in perfect condition. the Khukuris are in excellent condition, and very high quality. Excellent weapons and exceptional craftsmanship!
I am looking forward to receiving this next order.
Pleas tell me what "Namaste" means.
Thank you very much.  

Terry Baum

Dear Malina,
Just to let you know my blade arrived yesterday and I am delighted with it.
It is very well made and will make a very nice addition to my Kukri collection.
I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks and congratulations for an excellent piece of work to the maker .
I am pleased and proud to have his name inscribed on my knife and it will be there for generations to come.
Thank you for your very efficient service.
Kind regards,

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