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It truly is a beautiful work of art, thank you! I will treasure it

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Khaki Issue (20th Century)


US$ 62.05  72.99  Enlarge

GI2 (Gurkha Issue 2nd)


US$ 87.99  Enlarge

GI5 (Gurkha Issue 5th)


US$ 52.99  Enlarge

GI4 (Gurkha Issue 4th)


US$ 94.99  Enlarge

GI3 (Gurkha Issue 3rd)


US$ 99.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

The MD Simon Hengle has made some bad comments about your company which as an old customer of yours very offensive, I have no problem with healthy competition in any industry but please it is not polite to put down the products of other companies who have very hard working employees I for one have always supported your company as your quality is excellent Philippines

Namasta dear shilpa. I thought i would let you know i received my kukri with kukri key ring today i went to collect it from DHL couriers Birmingham. I was very pleased with the craft work of my kukri and kukri keyring. Thank you so much and blessings to you and may God bless Nepal . I hope to visit your website again soon. Takecare and may God be with you. \/  shin x

I received both my khukuris knives today.  Both are very beautiful and they appear well made.  I particularly like "The Beast".  I will use them this weekend.
I do have one question.  About the same time I ordered the khukuris I also ordered your Special Karda Chakmak when do you believe I will receive this merchandise?

Richard Edgecomb

Hi, My Kukri Max arrived today 27th Dec. I am very pleased with my Kukri Max it is Beautifully made and will be treasured by me always. Many many thanks and I have already passed on your company details to all my friends who have seen it and asked about it. Thanks again & Best Regards Gary. Best of Luck for 2015 :)    

Hello SLT,
I’ve received the Khukuri on the 31st of December and are very happy with it. It’s a nice piece of craftmanship and has a respective history attached to it. I will use the Khukuri with the respect that it deserves.
Please can you tell me what the best angle for sharpening is. I can’t seem to find this info in the documentation anywhere.
With regards,
Bart Peters

I received the khukuri. I congratulate you for the effectiveness of which made proof. The khukuri is splendid. I still thank you. It is a pleasure of treating with you. Good continuation.
Olivier POULET

Arrived today, Outstanding craftsmanship, I would like to express many thanks to all, for providing such expert craftsmanship, From quality control, to the forgers, right through to final Inspection, to the exceptional leatherwork ALL OUTSTANDING!!!!  Unfortunately  we do not have the quality here, that Khukuri House delivered to my door. I would also like to thank your Customer Service Especially Pratibha for her outstanding customer service experience, and the MD for his Skills and experience.
Also give my Highest Regards
to The Ghurkas and others on staff for their exceptional Dedication to Service and Bravery. Now I will tell you a story my Grandfather told me about Ghurkas in world war one. By grandfather Mr Peter Mount, was cut off and lost from his unit in no mans land during  the battle of Somme he was badly wounded and was reported dead,  my grandmother received a letter from the war office saying so. However unbeknownst to his regiment and the war office he was found by the Ghurkas in no mans land and they, (in his words) took care of me until he was well enough to be transferred because of his injuries back to England, however he was would always tell me stories of their Knives (Khukri and their exploits as told to him by Ghurkas)
So again, Thank you all The Khukri that was forwarded will be placed along with a display of information for my grandchildren in a place of High Honour as to the meaning of the Brave Men behind the Khukuri . Please pass this along to all staff.
Highest Regards
Daniel P Regliszyn


Just received my package. I am very pleased with the quality and design of this knife. Thank you very much.
Eric Spidell

Dear MD at Kukri House
I just wanted to inform you that I received the B-man about a week ago. And it is no less than perfect. The slightly smaller (medium sized) handle is the best grip I could have wanted. It fits my hands like a glove and unlike the 13” Scourge the rivets don’t scratch my hand either but is smooth like silk.
I now know how I want my next (customized) Kukri (much like the b-man but single edged) and will soon send specifications and request to the proper e-mail as found on your web-page. So – thank you a lot for the amazing service and amazing knife!
Toke Nielsen – Denmark
Do you know if your skilled Kamis are familiar with sword-making? I ask since I got a sword from another place that in many ways are perfect for me, only a few things bothers me but that smith don’t do custom work. And so I was thinking of, some day in the future, finding a swordsmith that could make one almost like the one I got only better. Naturally I wanted to ask Kukri House first.

Dear Saroj,
I got the knives today, and I have to say that they are amazing, very high quality products.
Thank you for the excellent knives and the fast and safe sending.
Kind regards,
Lukas Augustin

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