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My khukuri arrived this morning. I am REALLY impressed with this, & would ........

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Buff Head (the LARGEST)


US$ 299.99  Enlarge

18" Wooden (MAAR)


US$ 119.99  Enlarge

Mukti = Redemption (be FREE set FREE)


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15" X Special (Vengeance)


US$ 99.99  Enlarge

18" Panawal (NO MERCY)


US$ 139.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

I recently was able to go camping to try out some new equipment, including a camping hammock, a trailer for my mountain bike and, of course, one of the Panawal McCoy I purchased.

By the time I got to the campsite it was getting late, was colder than expected and others had picked most of the good firewood laying around. What I could find were pieces of wood that people thought were too thick to cut into firewood. Using the Panawal I was able to cut into these logs enough to break them, and then even split them. I was using the Panawal hard, to the point where I would have broken most other knives. But the Panawal McCoy worked very well as an ax and no matter how hard I used it I realized very soon that either the wood I was cutting, or my hand, would break before the Khukuri would. A very tough and dependable blade.

I had some other campers come up to see how I was cutting logs with what appeared to be a knife and got a few nods of appreciation for the Panawal, it's weight and toughness.  One man who was British even mentioned that the SAS survival guide recommended a knife like the khukuri and asked me where I purchased it. I gave him the name of The Khukuri House.

I also found that the Panawal McCoy was perfectly suited for hammering in tent stakes, and digging. It will also cut, of course. Now all I need is the Panawal, which does the work of a knife, and ax and a hammer.

I must say that I am very pleased with the knife you made for me and whenever I go camping and exploring, I can't help but recommend your company. Of course, I am now looking though your catalog for my next khukuri as a companion for the chitlange.

Also, I should mention that I had a happy experience with the Chilange I bought as well: I had it displayed outside the sheath and noticed that it would no longer fit in the sheath. Perhaps from changes in temperature and the expansion and contraction of the leather scabbard. I worked the chitlange in as much as I could over the next couple days and then left it. The scabbard no once again fits perfectly. It's nice to experience something made by hand that seems to live and breath on its own.

Thank you.

Michael Cortese
Arlington, VA

Malina & Khukuri House Staff, />Hello again...Just to let you know that the merchandise arrived Tuesday evening as promised. Without hesitation I open the package just to see what it looks like.l and well made.Thank you for all your assistance you have provided me during my search of a good khukuri knife. I appreciate the information and advise provided as well as the connection you have shared with me, in choosing my order. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during my search for a good knife. I specially want to thank the khukuri house for the special gift (small khukuri) they have given. />Namaste
Victor C Dacayanan

Sir,Please take this email in good terms.; I really felt upset when you said something about being shameful. Please know this, your company still maintains a 100 percent record.  I recieved my knives today and was quite pleased. Our awards will be tomorrow night.  We moved the date up one night. It was supposed to be tonight.  But know this, had it been tonight, the order still would have made it here on time.  As far as the quality, I was in awe when i saw the knives and the display plate. It was more than expected.  It was made with extreme profesional quality. In fact, I showed it to others and reccommended your company for future awards.  I will order with you again as well.
Once again sir, please know that your company still maintains 100 percent success rate.  Your quality of work is well. I loved the work you did. Although we got the knives right on time, I was still very scared of not recieviing them ontime.You and your company did NOT fail.
Thank you for the quality of work.As far as the 60 euros... I could deal without it. I was so amazed of the work you did for the knives.Thanks again,John QuinonesGermany

Hello, />This is just to inform you that I have received the 2 khukuri's you sent. They are both beautiful! Thank you very much. Just for your information I am very pleased with the delivery service you used--timing and tracking function were both excellent.I have one question: One side of the service No 1 blade has "Nepal 2020". That's fine. But there appears to be a "ta" with a line in front of it, then a "ba", then a "bee", then a "ka" all in Nepali on one side of the blade. What does this mean?Best regards and thanks again,/>Robert LeClair

Hello Mr Basnet,Thank you very much for your response. I am very pleased to know the name (Til Bahadur Bishwakarma) of the craftsman who worked on it. Please let Til Bahadur that I appreciate his work.Regarding the English engraving: it actually (and correctly) reads "Nepal 2010". I mistyped it in my previous email. My only question was about the Nepali initials. Thanks for answering my question about it.Namaskaar, robert

dear KHHI
hello,i have recieved my 18"panawal and am very happy with it.also,thanks for the biltong too,very nice.both are great quality items,really well made.many thanks to eveyone involved,i will definitly recomend you to my friends and will be shopping with you again in the future, 

regards soren

I'm very happy with the Kukri's and your service.

i receive my knife yesterday ,very beautifull and strong blade!
i,m very exiting to use it in outdoor action hunting and fishing.
thank's a lot nepal.

 Hi Gyan,
My name is Botyu Botev and I"ve received my American Eagle kukri on 9-th of November.
The order was done by my brother,Vesselin Botev, because of some difficulties with my card.
I want to thank and congratlate you for the work of art you"ve made. My intentions are to make
a bigger order, 5 or 10 kukris, and my questions are:
-what would be the shipping coast to Bulgaria for such an order?
-what would be the discount, if there is any?
I am interested in 2 models: American Eagle and KHHI Max (Xtreme)

Thank you and wish you all well.

The custom order has arrived and I am using one of the knives.
They are very good. Thank you so much for doing this for me.
I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
Enclosed is a picture as requested:
In the mountains with my khukuri knife and favourite tracking dog.
I would be happy to testify that your knives are very good quality and the khukuri design is excellent.  If I had to survive with one knife only, it would be my khukuri.  And yours are the best I have seen.
Many thanks

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