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We have so far custom-design 1400 kukris and knives for various customers. We have 100% satisfactory record. Now its YOUR TURN. Make your DREAM knife thru us >>
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The Package arrived today, thank you for a superbly manufactured product and great customer service....

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Chirra-wal (Fullers)
Panawal Special (McCoy)


US$ 74.99  Enlarge

Jr. Shree 5 Chirra (Sherman)


US$ 129.99  Enlarge

Royal 7 Chirra (Sultan)


US$ 199.99  Enlarge

3 Chirra SPL (Guardian Angel)


US$ 109.99  Enlarge

Shree 5 Chirra (General)


US$ 164.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

I would just like to inform you that i received my khukkri in the mail on Monday, 9 May. It arrived through DHL. I understand that the tracking numbers got mixed up, it was just a little disturbing to be following the wrong tracking information.

However, this is definitely an quality knife. I thank you for your experience and your craftsmanship.

James Heygster

hello, my khukuri arrived today, and i'm more than pleased with the finished product, and hopefully will purchase more from you in the future.
a huge thankyou to everyone involved in forging this blade, i'm extremely grateful

best regards,
Neil Wells, South Wales

our order arived and is very nice.
the eching of nepal is wonderfull.
thank the person very much for me please it will be treasured.

 but we ordered 3 british service number 1.

Hi Miss Pradhan,
The knife came in last week. Thanks for getting it here so quickly. Absolutely love the knife.
Kane Roy

Got it this Friday packed well and looks great many thanks I will be ordering from you again keep up the good work and be safe.

John Stewart


The knife arrived right now, all ok.
Impressive piece of mastership!
I guess sooner or later I will be back again with another order... !

Many compliments to the blacksmith.

all the best


I received my order and must say that it is exactly what I imagined. The craftsmanship is fantastic and has instantly become one of the favorites in my blade collection. I believe manny will ask where I obtained it and I will be directing them to you.

Thank you very much.

Litzza, Christopher A.

We received the knives! We are very happy with the quality of the product!!!

Thank you so much!


Chase Henriksen

Hello, I received my very first Khukri knife from KH in the mail yesterday, and I am extremely pleased with my knife. I know it will serve me well in all of my outdoor adventures. In addition to being a police officer here the United States, my partner and I own and operate a small company that manufactures holster for handguns as well as other concealment gear, and we are big knife fans as well. I am mainly writing to see what type of \"dealer\" arrangements you might offer. My business operates a website ( and I also conduct some business on eBay. My holsters and other gear are all handmade, just like your knives, and I have a fondness for quality handmade goods like your awesome Khukri knives. I have already shown my Khukri off to several of my friends, and I look forward to the possibility of selling your knives here in the USA. Thank you for your time and excellent product!

John Baggett Trojan Tactical

Dear Apekcha,

I wish to convey my sincere and grateful thanks to SLT, to Mr Gyanraj Basnet, to you, to the Bishwakarma who made my 25 inch bladed Sirupate and to all the staff of KHHI for my order which I received yesterday.

In a addition to the Sirupate I received the biltong kukri (free by virtue of pocket power the special karda and chakmak, the 2 silver badges as well as the cross kukri lapel badge.As always the items were well and securely packed and delivered very quickly and professionally by the courier company DHL.

The 25 inch blade Sirupate is indeed an exquisite example of the Bishwakarma’s art, knowledge, experience and skill. It is so beautifully made that I cannot praise it enough. It was made exactly to my specifications. The 5 inch blade karda and chakmak were also made exquisitely just as I had requested and hoped for. The free engraving is perfect!!

There is something spiritual which connects one to a kukri of that beauty.

I cannot thank KHHI enough.

Can you kindly supply me with the name of the kami who made my kukri: the initials on the blade as per my request are TBBK?

May KHHI go from strength to strength.

Kind regards and Namaste,

Allan Cowan

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