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the SiruPates (Nepal's Most Wanted)
12" SiruPate (Advanced)


US$ 64.99  Enlarge

12" SiruPana (Sassy)


US$ 74.99  Enlarge

SiruPate (Slender)


US$ 42.99  Enlarge

SiruPate Slim UNP (Handy)


US$ 41.99  Enlarge

SiruPate White (Feather)


US$ 39.99  Enlarge

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:: Testimonials ::

>> Dearest Sirs:
>> I received my Chitlange this last Thursday, and it is a beautiful piece

>> of craftsmanship!  I wore it Saturday with my Highland uniform (I am a

>> bagpiper in a pipe band) as others wear a Scottish dirk. It attracted a

>> lot of attention and very flattering comments!  I intend to wear it as a

>> regular part of the uniform from now on.

>> Thanks for a top-notch kukri and for the excellent service.  I have

>> already recommended you to another.

>> Sincerely,

>> Rob Minor

> Hello,
> I would just like to let you know that I have received the package on  Tuesday. I haven't had a chance to use them yet but I already like the feel of the knives very much.

> The Survival Knife is very balanced and feels very good in the hand. I think the handle on the Operation Enduring Freedom khukuri is a bit too big for my hands. Next time I must try a more traditional khukuri, perhaps a Panawal type khukuri.
Thank you very much!
Warm regards,

Kenneth Chai

Just wanna say hi and a big thank you to all the skilled workers at KHHI Nepal, I received my knife and I am so happy with it, it is truely an impressive and beautiful work of craftsmanship and art, I look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. Kindest regards and

Mark Lanigan

Mr Basnet,

Again, thankyou for the khukuris I purchased several months ago, they are truly a joy to use and a delight to the eye.

I would like to purchase another 2 custom khukuris and a scabbard.

Nick Smith,

Daan Rosseels
Dear Sir(s),

I am a knife collector and I had my eye on your products for quite a wile. I decided I wanted the American Eagle. As it was my birthday, a friend of mine (Jan Van Woerkom) was going to buy me one.I am sure that you will receive more orders from my friends and myself in the near future. One more time: I love the knife!yours truly,

Daan Rosseels

Namaste to all at KHHI
Our order has been received in excellent order - thank you very much
We are very impressed with the Buff Head and hope to order more.
Best regards
New Zealand


thank you very much, I've received my Marshal Khukuri today. You are the best!


Dmitriy Sheremet.

Dear Sirs,

I received my order and my world-cup prize yesterday. I was really impressed. The great care you took wrapping the khukuris reflects the care you took making them. And the wole thing tells the pride you take in your craftmanship, which you are totally entitled to be proud of !I will certainly soon place an order once again at least although the choice will be difficult as the variety of blades you offer is quite appealing and the quality outstanding .

Thank you for the Salyani I was lucky to win with the KHHI’s FIFA World Cup Offer 2010. I was all the more lucky as my name came out eleventh. One more reason to cherish this knife and show it around !All the best to your team!



Claudio Anastasio
Hi Malina.

you can see a pictures of my khukuris (I've added also the khukuris we
bought some years ago: 3 chirra, raw anghkola ).
From the left to the right:

Sirupate 15"
3 chirra 12"
ghurka jungle special 11"
Raw angkhola 8"
mini jungle 6"
biltong 5"
biltong special 5"

I like alls the knives! I like the distribution of the weight sirupate, is
veri easy to handling. I like the shape of the blade of Ghurka jungle.
I think the biltong special is non only for to use but also to exposition
because is very beautifull with the deer handle.

But the knives that I love is 3 chirra, it's really a beast!!!

Thank you and

Claudio Anastasio.

Thank you. Got it yesterday. Will give to my son tomorrow. It will be a good surprise.



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