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Just to let you know my blade arrived yesterday and I am delighted with it..

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18" Wooden Dragon


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BhojPure Dragon


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Mini Jungle Dragon


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Kothimora Dragon


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Dhankute Wooden Dragon


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:: Testimonials ::

Good afternoon. I received my knives yesterday. I'd like to thank everyone at Khukuri House for making such great knives. I'm very happy with the Jungle Panawal and I'm also very very happy with he Multicraft knife.

Muhammad Shaafi

Dear Ms Apekcha Pradhan,
Thank you for the wonderful knife that I received from your company .Va thank for their support in carrying customer.Sper soon to order another one for my son who turns 18 years old and who is delighted with my knife. My friends and I hope they like their ei.Now order and I will try to decide for a mountain knife for my son.
Thanks again to all the khukury house.
Kindest regards,
Caius Antoniu Stepan
Sorry for my poor english language.
Have a nice day.

Stepan Caius Antonio

dear Ms. Apekcha Pradhan
I'm happy to inform you that i received my knife and indeed you Deserve to be proud of your products i showed her to my friend and they loved it i well Convinced them to buy from your knifes and I will show it to every one i know in order to acquire this masterpiece
Finally I wish you growth and prosperity
once again thank you for everything.

Ahmad G Horrani

Dear Sir, I have finally today received my Kukri Knives!!  They are fantastic and exactly what I wanted.  The knives are know proudly displayed in my home.  Thank you once again and Namaste, see you soon.


Vincent Cruz

We received the Khukhris yesterday and I must say they are all excellent!
Please, thank your Craftsmen for us, they do marvelous work!
If you could send by email an invoice with all of the Khukhris listed,
we would very much appreciate it.
Thank you again and we will be making another order soon.
Pedro Bedard
Imagine Games and Hobbies
Winnipeg Manitoba

I recieved my order on friday july 8. the quality and workmanship are excellent. thank you very much. condolences on the loss of your friend and colleague.

Gerald Beck

My order arrived today. Magnificent craftsmanship! Truly worth the wait!

Thank you,
SSG Cullie Torsell

Dear all,

I would first of all like to extend my sincerest sympathy at this time of loss and pray that you  will all draw strength from the Almighty.

I would also like to thank you all for the successful delivery of my Khukri.  It has arrived and I am very happy with the product.  I sure that I will be ordering more from you in the future.

Sincerely and Namaste


Ms. Apekcha Pradhan,

I wanted to write and let you know how happy I was with my farmX khukuri. I have never owned a hand-forged blade before, let alone one built by such a talented blacksmith. It is everything a good knife should be and I couldn't be more delighted.

I'd gotten used to stamped blades from Pakistan, the dreadful cheap sort with rat-tail handles tack-welded (not even fully welded,) in place with cheap wood or plastic handles that slide on and are held on by a screw on cap. Any good strike and the handle vibrates loose or breaks off. These were, for a long time, the best I could afford on a student's wages, and I looked longingly for years at the $300-$400 imitation khukuri knives sold by various American companies. These were warranted to be tough, solid and durable, with an edge like one hears of in stories -but the price turned me off.

On the advice of a colleague, I decided to look into authentic khukuri knives from Nepal. These, I was assured, were 'the real thing,' the ultra-durable, razor sharp brush-clearing knives that farmers and Gurkha soldiers had depended on for centuries. I went online and found Khukuri House, and to my shock, the prices were about what I'd been paying for the rubbishy knockoff blades. I decided to take a chance and add an authentic khukuri from Nepal to my collection -the first of the khukuri design that I'd owned, in fact.

The knife took awhile to arrive, and while I wondered at first, the revelation that each khukuri is handmade for the person who orders it stunned me. That sort of Old World pride in workmanship is unheard-of in these times and to deal with a company that actually makes something, instead of just ordering in bulk and keeping some huge warehouse, was a remarkable experience. I was lucky enough to find a job in my field shortly after ordering my khukuri, and the staff had no problems changing my address. (There were companies in my hometown that gave more of a hassle!) My khukuri was shipped via a company that required a signature -excellent in these days of mail theft horror stories, and my wife signed for the unusually heavy box.

When the website said '900 grams' I hadn't really thought of what that would mean. Somehow, I was expecting another weak, flimsy blade with a weighty scabbard to make it feel more substantial to gullible buyers. Instead, from the careful packaging with it's charming logo I drew a formidable weapon weighing over a pound, wide as my little finger at the back of the blade and sharp enough to shave with. The tang was flat and full, the riveting tight and perfect. Even the handle was luxurious buffalo horn, the sort knife collectors here pay a fortune for, and carved in a handsome traditional fashion that suits my hand perfectly (and this from the "unfinished" farmX model). My wife tried it, and while the handle doesn't suit her as well, she has requested a khukuri of her own sometime later this year, and I'll be happy to get her one!

But best of all is the strength and durability of the hand-forged steel. I was able to chop through a hardwood tree branch faster than the best axe I've ever owned, to scythe away grass and brush like a weed-whacker and even to trim a hedge to neat perfection, so sharp is the khukuri's blade. It doesn't seem to 'take damage' like weaker steel, and I find myself looking forward to the tasks of garden and trail that I had always dreaded. Even my favorite old machete cannot do what the marvelous khukuri does. I told my father, also an avid woodsman, about my prize and while he didn't quite believe me, I know I need only order him one as a gift and he'll be convinced.

These khukuri are the best brush-clearing blades a man could want, and I intend to spread the word about the amazing quality at Khukuri House to everyone who shares my love of the outdoors, beautiful knives and of fine craftsmanship. I don't think I've ever been more satisfied with a purchase and I can't wait for the next khukuri to arrive.

With great esteem,
Michael Arndt

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you very much for your nice products I have received from you last week. I am really impressed by the quality.
Thank you!
Best regards,

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