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I am very Happy about it . It has a great feel to it and I can't wait to use it on holiday this summer..

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Service Ceremonial (Dress Knife)


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Camouflage Special (Ultimate)


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World War (Historic)


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Service No.1 (Sarkhari Khukuri)


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Gurkha Combat (Loyal)


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:: Testimonials ::

I am happy to inform you that the khukuri i ordered has arrived & i am utterly stunned by it. I've just spent 15 minutes cutting through a rather large tree in my garden, with total ease. I am very happy with my new favourite blade & wish to send my thanks to everyone involved in the making & handling of it. I shall definitely be buying from you again in the future.

Kind regards
Mr. Messenger

Dear Mr. Bivek Rai,
Thank you for the excellent customer service and of course, the khukuris! My father has received them and reports that they are beautiful. He praised many of the features of the knives, such as the sturdiness of the construction and the pamphlet included with the history and instructions for use. He is very excited to use them for hunting and other utilities. I will order from you again the next time!
Many thanks,
Jena Binderup

Dear Ms Apekcha Pradan
The Khukuri arrived today (30/7/12) which is my husbands birthday.  I would like to thank you very much for the excellent service and for getting the item here in time for his birthday.  He is very happy and impressed with the khukuri.
Once again I would like to express my thanks for your help with my order.
Kindest Regards
Karen Griffiths


Dear Bivek;
First of all,thank you very much for your courtesy,sending your nice T-Shirt.I`ll use it in my Kukri Combat classes.
I`m testing the Kukri right now,after I cleaned and use some anti-rust protection products.The Kukri is a very well done piece,very sharp,as I requested,and the feel is perfect.
The steel  blade has some points of black little points,may be are a kind of  rust,but seems to me that it `s due to the type of steel used in basically all the nepalese Kukris.I like the fact that the knife came very well packed and oiled.
In short: Up till now,I `m happy with the Kukri overall.I`ll keep you informed about the field performance,as soon as I can get a chance to do it.I`m very busy now,with classes and seminars all over the Georgia state and the country.
About my suggestions about the Ceremonial Gigantic Kukri,the one that cost U$199,plus around U$107 for shipment,let me know if,by any chance,you decide to do a special cost for me,so I can expose it here for the Midia(TV channels and Newspapers,quite sure some Martial Arts Magazines and websites).
As you say,Namaste,my way...Regards and Stay Safe!

Greetings from New Zealand

I can happily report  that we received the consignment on the 8th August without any delay nor any of the extra charges that we had to pay from when you were sending via DHL and TNT.

This is brilliant service. Thank you very much.

We look forward to doing business again in the near future


Best regards
Hugh Bumford

Dear KHHI,
I finally had a chance to take my Khukuri out this weekend it to the woods. I have i new respect for this knife! The chopping power is extraordinary and it is surprisingly manageable for small tasks. I was able to make a wooden spoon from scratch and fall a 3 inch thick tree in about 4 hacks! This is the most beautiful knife I own and the fit and finish is amazing, this is my new favorite. I will defiantly buy another khukuri the next opportunity i get.
thankyou for your time Jonny Williams

Ms. Apekcha Pradhan and KHHI,
I received my order today and I have to say that I am very pleased with all of the knives.  Each knife exceeded my expectations!  These are serious hard use tools and I am very happy that I found your company.  Thank you so much for all of your help and please thank the craftsmen that worked hard to build these excellent knives.
Best regards,

Hello Ms. Pradhan,
I am VERY happy to say I have received my shipment of knives and Tshirt. I am VERY HAPPY with them and they are everything I could have wanted!! I didn't receive the coin that I requested but that is of NO issue. I have taken pictures of the knives and sent them to my son's and friends. I guarantee I will be sending in another order SOON!! Please tell the one's that had a hand in making my knives how HAPPY I am with them and the QUALITY of their work!! This next order may contain some special requests and I am going to check you're website on how to personilize the knives. Also, I would like to thank YOU for you're personel involvement in my order and making me feel like my order was important to you!
Thank You Very Much,
William D. Webster

I absolutely love my khukuri. I'm impressed with how sturdy the handle is
even though it's a full length rat tail tang. Thank you for the great
customer service and beautiful knife I will b shopping more.

Reach the highest level sky's the limit.

Jeremy Beverly


I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday.  Everything was there.  There are no problems.  I like my new Khukuri very much.

Thank you,Namaste,Mike Slatkin

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