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my khukuri is a nice piece of craftmanship! I am very satisfied with my purchase

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3 BladeWear (Body Part)


US$ 29.99  Enlarge

2016-17 British Standard Issue (BSI #2) kukri


US$ 59.99  Enlarge

SUKx (Supporting Utility Knives)


US$ 14.99  Enlarge

King Prithivi Kukri (UNIFIER)


US$ 129.99  Enlarge

JB Electric Bowie


US$ 149.99  Enlarge

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:: Products @15% Off ::

12" SiruPana (Sassy)
Price : US$ 67.99 79.99
Blade Size: 12 Inch
Weight: 610 Grams

A khukri made for play and display; one that can be used hard and can also be exhibited at the same time..
American Eagle (Freedom)USA_DPT
Price : US$ 98.99 109.99
Blade Size: _10 Inch
Weight: 650 Grams

Price Incl SHIPPING:: Signifier of one of the world’s most respected and feared predators that is also the symbol of freedom to Americans and others....&a
Biltong (Pocket Khukuri)USA_DPT
Price : US$ 38.69 42.99
Blade Size: _5 Inch
Weight: 80 Grams

Price Incl SHIPPING:: Perfect size, the combination of steel and sharp edge and ability to fit inside a pocket; mobility..
Chukuri PRO @ KYDEX
Price : US$ 97.74 114.99
Blade Size: 10 Inch
Weight: 650 Grams

An ultra modern bowie specially built for pros n extremists to satisfy their intense appetite and thirst (lust)..
Churi (THE Knife)
Price : US$ 38.24 44.99
Blade Size: 5 Inch
Weight: 275 Grams

In Nepalese means “Knife”, used as a domestic or outdoor cutting/utility tool..
Jr. Shree 5 Chirra (Sherman)
Price : US$ 110.51 129.99
Blade Size: 9 Inch
Weight: 850 Grams

Smaller and shorter but improved version of the Shree 5 Chirra kukri; bettered by adding Guard, Finger Curvatures and usage of the L-Key configuration…
JyanMaara (the HUNK is here)
Price : US$ 80.75 94.99
Blade Size: 12 Inch
Weight: 850 Grams

A brutal killer and a handsome tough hunk - to quiet the critics, please craftsmen and satisfy hardcore users..
Khaki Issue (20th Century)
Price : US$ 62.05 72.99
Blade Size: 12 Inch
Weight: 615 Grams

In the early and mid years of 20th century Gurkhas were also issued with this type..
KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof)UK_DPT
Price : US$ 108.01 119.99
Blade Size: _9 Inch
Weight: 625 Grams

Price Incl. Shipping:: now with KYDEX sheath (water proof); the unique and extra-ordinary feature of this knife is the "Solid Rubber Handle"; never
Mukti = Redemption (be FREE set FREE)
Price : US$ 127.49 149.99
Blade Size: 13.5 Inch
Weight: 1550 Grams

An awesome, powerful cum deadly weapon that would give a devastating outcome in its single blow..
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