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KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof)_DPT


US$ 119.99  Enlarge

12" Sirupate (Advance)_DPT


US$ 92.99  Enlarge

Mini Jungle_DPT


US$ 57.99  Enlarge

Raw Panawal (Workhorse)_DPT


US$ 87.99  Enlarge

Shree 5 Chirra (General)_DPT


US$ 184.99  Enlarge

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:: Products @15% Off ::

18" Panawal (NO MERCY)
Price : US$ 119.01 139.99
Blade Size: 18 Inch
Weight: 1700 Grams

The ability to take upon any opposition, the deadly look and the alarming size, No Mercy..
AngPana for Jungle
Price : US$ 80.75 94.99
Blade Size: 12 Inch
Weight: 900 Grams

Creatively and specially designed for hostile Jungle territories and its behavior..
Chitlange the Savior
Price : US$ 106.24 124.99
Blade Size: 15 Inch
Weight: 850 Grams

Built as a basic and necessary survival cutting tool for out in the jungle and its harshness..
JanmaBhumi “Motherland” (Nepal 2015)
Price : US$ 13 89.99
Blade Size: 0 Inch
Weight: 650 Grams

The most cherished and imperative release ever by KHHI that has a very sentimental and patriotic value..
KHHI Max (Xtreme)
Price : US$ 93.50 109.99
Blade Size: 11 Inch
Weight: 900 Grams

Built to withstand and endure the maximum force and to give out the maximum impact..
Mini Panawal (Perfect)
Price : US$ 50.99 59.99
Blade Size: 8 Inch
Weight: 550 Grams

The heaviest of all mini versions; built for long heavy stressful work; for those who prefer mini sized kukri to larger ones for hefty work..
Nepal Police (Security)
Price : US$ 42.05 49.99
Blade Size: 9 Inch
Weight: 470 Grams

Issued to the jawans of Nepalese Police Force..
Panawal Special (McCoy)
Price : US$ 63.75 74.99
Blade Size: 11 Inch
Weight: 720 Grams

This 11” long semi-polished blade will go through almost any objects with ease and maximum impact..
The Divine Buddha Frame (Enlighten)
Price : US$ 424.99 499.99
Blade Size: 0 Inch
Weight: 8000 Grams

This artistic and amazing work of art that depicts all the major and famous episodes, from the Lord Buddha’s tour as king Siddartha and to realizing the divine power of salvation..
The Kukri Machete (All Rounder)
Price : US$ 101.99 119.99
Blade Size: 13 Inch
Weight: 875 Grams

Built for the kill, crafted to cut, designed to serve and survive and forged to accomplish a task, be it minor or major; a true all rounder..
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