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As a collector of military knives and bayonets I have seen a lot of goods but never as fine as this one. Therefore  I pay my deepest respect to the craftsmen who made it..

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Guard-Wal (EAGLE handle)
American Eagle (Freedom)


US$ 89.99  Enlarge

KHHI Max (Xtreme)


US$ 93.50  109.99  Enlarge

Chukuri Plus (Redefined)


US$ 94.99  Enlarge

15" Victor (Seek n Destroy)


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13HD Machete (KHHI Parang)
Price : US$ 55.25 64.99
Blade Size: 13 Inch
Weight: 1250 Grams

This full sized heavy duty machete is both; an ARMOR, a TOOL, and also a HAMMER..
15" X Special (Vengeance)
Price : US$ 85 99.99
Blade Size: 15 Inch
Weight: 1050 Grams

This knife happens to be a combination of the famous, unique and successful features of some of the new kukris..
18" Panawal (NO MERCY)
Price : US$ 119.01 139.99
Blade Size: 18 Inch
Weight: 1700 Grams

The ability to take upon any opposition, the deadly look and the alarming size, No Mercy..
AngPana for Jungle
Price : US$ 80.75 94.99
Blade Size: 12 Inch
Weight: 900 Grams

Creatively and specially designed for hostile Jungle territories and its behavior..
Chitlange the Savior
Price : US$ 106.24 124.99
Blade Size: 15 Inch
Weight: 850 Grams

Built as a basic and necessary survival cutting tool for out in the jungle and its harshness..
Infantry No. 1 (Warrior)
Price : US$ 62.05 72.99
Blade Size: 12 Inch
Weight: 700 Grams

A unique n advance modern day kukri experienced by the world for the very first time..
Jungle Panawal (Better)
Price : US$ 55.25 64.99
Blade Size: 10.5 Inch
Weight: 615 Grams

The Jungle (Training) version of the Gurkhas but with better and stronger Panawal (full flat tang) handle..
KHHI Max (Xtreme)
Price : US$ 93.50 109.99
Blade Size: 11 Inch
Weight: 900 Grams

Built to withstand and endure the maximum force and to give out the maximum impact..
Mini Panawal (Perfect)
Price : US$ 50.99 59.99
Blade Size: 8 Inch
Weight: 550 Grams

The heaviest of all mini versions; built for long heavy stressful work; for those who prefer mini sized kukri to larger ones for hefty work..
Nepal Police (Security)
Price : US$ 42.05 49.99
Blade Size: 9 Inch
Weight: 470 Grams

Issued to the jawans of Nepalese Police Force..
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