Khukuri House Handicraft Industry (KHHI), Nepal

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I purchased the "khukuri machete all rounder" three years ago and it has become one of my most treasured ..............

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SILVER Kukris/Items
KOTHIMORA White (Peace)


US$ 169.99  Enlarge

Royal Kothimora (Majestic)


US$ 379.99  Enlarge

Kothimora 8


US$ 139.99  Enlarge

The Queens Gurkha Signal (QGS Brooch)


US$ 39.99  Enlarge

Kothimora 10


US$ 169.99  Enlarge

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:: Khukuris Catalog ::

6" Jungle (Sweet)UK_DPT

Price : US$ 52.99
Blade Size: _6 Inch
Weight: 235 Grams

Price Incl Shipping:: A small domestic utility tool, highly recommended for camping and trekking..

Chainpure Special (Carved)UK_DPT

Price : US$ 99.99
Blade Size: _10 Inch
Weight: 450 Grams

Price Incl Shipping:: Although it is usable, it is basically a decorative khukuri that represents the true craftsmanship of Chainpur..

Chainpure Wooden (Simple)UK_DPT

Price : US$ 94.99
Blade Size: _10 Inch
Weight: 450 Grams

Price Incl SHIPPPIG:: Plain wooden case from Chainpur village, simple yet attractive; deco cum working tool..

JB Electric Bowie_ UK DPT

Price : US$ 164.99
Blade Size: _9 Inch
Weight: 625 Grams

Price Incl Shipping:: Small yet sturdy and stubborn; those who seek for the heavy duty small knife..

KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof) UK_DPT

Price : US$ 119.99
Blade Size: _9 Inch
Weight: 625 Grams

Price Incl. Shipping:: now with KYDEX sheath (water proof); the unique and extra-ordinary feature of this knife is the "Solid Rubber Handle".. <

Mini Raw UNP (Trekkerx)UK_DPT

Price : US$ 59.99
Blade Size: _8 Inch
Weight: 375 Grams

Price Incl Shipping:: A mini sized blade, unpolished and raw, designated for small but significant work, for within and beyond one’s property, to get the cutting activities

SiruPate (Slender)UK_DPT

Price : US$ 74.99
Blade Size: _10 Inch
Weight: 420 Grams

Renowned among Nepalese because of its historic background and beautiful shape; recommended for those who like to travel light..
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