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Paper Kukri (Cute)


US$ 19.99  Enlarge

Biltong Special (Conceal Kukri)


US$ 49.99  Enlarge

Pocket Panawal (Travellers’)


US$ 34.99  Enlarge

Mini Raw Panawal (Useful)


US$ 54.99  Enlarge

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:: Khukuris Catalog ::


2016-17 British Standard Issue (BSI #2) kukri

Price : US$ 59.99
Blade Size: 10.25 Inch
Weight: 525 Grams

Is the original 2016-17 British Gurkhas Issue issued to the new recruits as their training, exercise, utility and even as a combat knife..

3” BladeWear (Body Part)

Price : US$ 29.99
Blade Size: 3 Inch
Weight: 130 Grams

Becomes like your extended part of your hand that would come into use in various situations and under different circumstances..

Barun Tri Angkhola kukri (master’s work)

Price : US$ 109.99
Blade Size: 13 Inch
Weight: 625 Grams

a hacking, whacking, stabbing, slicing etc you name it; a master creation built for the ultimate satisfaction..

Forestman PRO (Yeti)

Price : US$ 109.99
Blade Size: 10.5 Inch
Weight: 600 Grams

titled as YETI by the designer, is a superb working khukuri knife having a well balanced and effectual blade and GREAT grip (main benefit of the knife)..

JanmaBhumi “Motherland” (Nepal 2015)

Price : US$ 89.99
Blade Size: 13 Inch
Weight: 650 Grams

The most cherished and imperative release ever by KHHI that has a very sentimental and patriotic value..

King Prithivi Kukri (UNIFIER)

Price : US$ 129.99
Blade Size: 15 Inch
Weight: 900 Grams

The iconic kukri from the glorious days of Nepal owned by the king himself and believed to have been used by the owner in various campaigns held for unified Nepal..

Royal 7 Chirra (Sultan)

Price : US$ 199.99
Blade Size: 15 Inch
Weight: 1175 Grams

the “Sultan” like in the real world, is a ceremonial figure yet a destructive force and a great ruler..

SUKx (Supporting Utility Knives)

Price : US$ 14.99
Blade Size: 3 Inch
Weight: 100 Grams

Will come very handy for any activities that require cutting, slicing, piercing etc that might not be possible or very effective by the big (mother) blade..
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